Each year the Florida Chamber of Commerce presents the Legislature and Executive Branch with a policy roadmap for how to move Florida’s economy forward. Florida’s Business Agenda is a member-driven, consensus agenda built by thousands of chamber members, local chambers, and partnering associations.
Please take 5 minutes to tell us what your business needs from your elected officials to help your company and employees prosper. Complete this short survey and help us set Florida’s Business Agenda today.
1. I believe Florida is headed in the:
Right Direction
Wrong Direction
No Direction
I don't know
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2A. When it comes to business issues and the Florida Legislature, the Florida Legislature:
Understands my business and champions my concerns
Does not understand my business
Is more interested in getting re-elected than making Florida's economy better
I don't know
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2B. How would you rate lawmakers' performance during the 2017 legislative Session?
They set the national standard in excellence
I'm proud of them
I'm disappointed in them
I'm embarrassed by them
No Comment
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3. In thinking about making Florida more competitive, what do you feel the Florida Chamber's top priorities should be for the 2018 Legislative Session? (Please select your top 5)
Reducing Federal Government Regulations
Reducing State Government Regulations
Reducing Local Regulations
Focusing on Quality Workforce Training/Talent Supply for Employers
Expanding Business Retention and Recruitment Initiatives (Economic Development)
Improving Florida's Lawsuit-Abuse Climate
Lowering/Stabilizing Health Care Costs
Increasing Infrastructure Investments (Transportation/Water/Energy)
Reducing AOB Fraud that's Causing Property Insurance Rates to Increase
Reversing the Increase in Workers' Compensation Costs
Availability of Qualified Workforce
Court Reform
Reducing Taxes on business
No Response
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Improving Education for a Better Workforce
The Florida Chamber Foundation predicts that Florida employers must create 2 million new jobs by 2030 and we will need to have the right talent to fill these opportunities. As an employer, the Florida Chamber wants to know what you think about strengthening our talent pipeline.
1.   Just over half of Florida's 3rd graders are reading on grade level. Do you believe high-quality early learning systems should be a priority for the Florida Chamber and Florida Legislature?
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
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2. What is the state of the workforce as it relates to your company's employment needs? (select one)
Overall workforce has good technical and soft skills (e.g. leadership skills, communication skills, ability to work with a team)
Workforce has good soft skills but requires retraining for specific technical skills
Workforce has technical skills but lack soft skills
Overall workforce lacks both technical and soft skills
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3. Where does your business currently find talent? (select all that apply)
State Colleges
State Universities
Out-of-state Universities
Local Workforce Programs
Military/Veterans Placement Programs
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4. Given that quality talent is beginning to replace tax incentives as the top economic development tool of choice, which part of the higher education system should receive additional taxpayer funding (Select one):
Need-based scholarships (income-based)
Merit-based scholarships (academic achievement-based)
Campus Infrastructure (buildings, equipment, labs, dorms, etc.)
Existing funding is already sufficient
Existing funding is too high and should be re-directed elsewhere
Don't Know/No Opinion
   Additional Comments:
5. When it comes to talent supply and education policy, what else should the Florida Chamber know as we advocate for you and other job creators before all levels (federal, state and local) of government?
Creating Jobs by Diversifying Florida's Economy
While tourism, construction and agriculture continue to serve as the foundation of Florida’s economy, Florida wins when we continue to diversify our economy, and strategically invest in international trade, manufacturing, technology, bio-tech and other targeted industries. As a job creator, the Florida Chamber wants to know what steps you think we should take to keep Florida’s economy growing.
1. Florida has a number of tools to help businesses diversify, grow, and become more innovative. Which of the following tools do you believe are the most helpful to Florida businesses? (select all that apply)
Research & Development Tax Credit
Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment Tax Exemption
Export Assistance Grants
Incubator Programs
Workforce Training Grants
Microfinance Loan Program
State Small Business Credit Initiative
Florida Job Growth Grant Fund
Small Business Development Center
Don't Know/No Opinion
   Additional Comments:
2. Instead of funding they received in previous years that would have directly benefited relocating or expanding businesses, for the first time, Florida’s economic development agency, Enterprise Florida Inc., received state funding for infrastructure projects and workforce training. Do you believe targeted tax incentives should be used for business recruitment and expansion in return for jobs created and/or capital investment?
   Additional Comments:
3. Florida currently has seven targeted industries to encourage the growth of high-skill, high-wage jobs. Which industries do you believe Florida should continue to attract and expand as it seeks to diversify its economy? (select all that apply)
Defense and Homeland Security
Financial/Professional Service
Information Technology
Life Sciences
Logistics and Distribution
   Additional Comments:
4. The Florida Chamber Foundation set a goal of doubling Florida-origin exports to ensure Florida competes in the global marketplace. What role should our state government play in ensuring Florida businesses compete on an international level? (select all that apply)
Provide additional funding for Enterprise Florida
Provide funding that supports activities that expand international market access for Florida-origin exports
Support policy initiatives, such as free trade agreements, that expand international market access for Florida-origin exports
Maintain support for Enterprise Florida's International offices
Provide funding to expand grants for small businesses through the Target Sector Trade Grant and Export Marketing plan
Provide assistance for small and mid-size businesses
Continue to sponsor trade missions that identify and further business opportunities overseas
   Additional Comments:
5. When it comes to innovation and economic development policy, what else should the Florida Chamber know as we advocate for the business community before all levels of government?
Preparing Florida's Infrastructure for Smart Growth and Development
As the 3rd most populous state, Florida is already home to 20 million residents and expects up to six million more by 2030. When coupled with the 112 million visitors Florida had last year, it is clear Florida must focus on long-term infrastructure solutions for future water, energy and transportation (road, rail, airport, seaport, inter-modal, autonomous, etc.) needs. We want to know your views on Florida's long term infrastructure needs.
1. Over the last three years, the Florida Chamber has helped secure record transportation investment and funding for the Florida Department of Transportation. Projects have included road expansion and improvement, the widening of ports to accommodate new, larger ships from Asia, and more connections for freight and delivery. Over the last three years, have you or your business seen a change in the transportation system in your community?
The transportation system is better than it was three years ago.
The transportation system is worse than it was three years ago.
There has been no appreciable change in the transportation system in the last three years.
The transportation system is better but we must continue to aggressively fund infrastructure to prepare for the growing number of residents and visitors.
   Additional Comments:
2. As the nation's third largest consumer of energy, Florida must continue to meet the demands of our growing population by maintaining source diversity and increasing our energy production. Which policies should Florida pursue to meet this goal? (select all that apply)
Investment in alternative energy sources
Increase energy research and development
Increase energy conservation measures
Offshore drilling
Increase natural gas capacities
Advance clean coal technology efforts
Expand use of nuclear power
Increase solar, wind, and/or hydro technology investments
Authorize and/or regulate fracking technologies
Incentivize the construction of alternative energy infrastructure
   Additional Comments:
3. When it comes to infrastructure and growth management policy, what else should the Florida Chamber know as we advocate for the business community before all levels of government?
Building the Perfect Climate for Business
At the Florida Chamber of Commerce, we are fighting to make Florida more competitive for your business. That means building on advocacy efforts that, over the past five years, have led to cutting over $1 billion in taxes and slashing over 4,500 outdated and costly regulations. But it also means advocating for overdue legal reform to fix Florida's "bottom-10" legal climate. Please help us pinpoint how we can improve Florida's business climate.
1. Which of the following insurance costs concern your business the most?
Workers' Compensation
Unemployment Compensation
Property & Casualty
1a. What suggestions do you have to reduce these costs ?
2. During the 2018 legislative session, if the Florida Legislature decides to reduce taxes for businesses, which of the following tax cuts would be most beneficial? (Please rank your answers numerically, with 1 being most beneficial)
 Business Rent Tax (sales tax on commercial leases)
 Corporate Income Tax
 Insurance Premium Tax
 Business Filing Fees
 Back to School Sales Tax Holiday
 Tangible Personal Property Tax
 Ad Valorem Property Taxes
 Communications Services Tax
 I would rather the money be invested in something other than a tax cut
   Additional Comments:
3. Which of the following government mandates related to employee wages and benefits has or would have the most burdensome impact to your business? (Please rank your answers numerically, with 1 being most burdensome)
 Increase in minimum wage
 Requiring employees to receive paid sick leave
 Requiring employees to receive maternity/paternity leave
 Federal Department of Labor overtime rule change
 Affordable Care Act
   Additional Comments:
4. The personal injury trial lawyers that advertise on T.V. are pushing legislation for what is referred to as "pre-judgment interest." If found guilty, any time you are sued you would be subject to interest at a 5.17% rate from the day you were served the lawsuit. Do you support or oppose the concept of "pre-judgment interest?"
Don't know
   Additional Comments:
5. When it comes to business climate and competitiveness policy, what else should the Florida Chamber know as we advocate for the business community before all levels of government?
Making Government More Efficient
At the Florida Chamber, we believe government should work for job creators, not against them. Solutions that ensure efficient, transparent and sustainable government systems remain our focus. Where is government getting in the way of your growth?
1. This year, the Florida Legislature had to allocate $893 million from general revenue to pay toward the $22.3 billion long-term debt of the Florida government employee pension program (money that could be used for higher pay for teachers, lower taxes, poverty assistance, infrastructure investments, economic development programs, etc.). If it would result in cost savings, would you support changing Florida's pension system from a defined benefit system to a defined contribution system?
Yes, but only for new public employees
Don't know/No Opinion
   Additional Comments:
2. Many states have grappled with issues similar to North Carolina's so-called "bathroom bill," which mandates that individuals may only use bathrooms or changing facilities in government buildings that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. If Florida were to pass such a law, how do you believe your business would be affected?
Positively affected
Negatively affected
No change
Don't Know/No Opinion
   Additional Comments:
3. "Paycheck Protection" refers to legislation that would require union officials to ask their members periodically for permission to spend their membership dues on political advocacy. Currently, union officials can spend membership dues on any political activity, regardless of whether or not the membership supports the position. Do you support such "paycheck protection" legislation?
I strongly support Paycheck Protection legislation
I somewhat support Paycheck Protection legislation
I somewhat oppose Paycheck Protection legislation
I strongly oppose Paycheck Protection legislation
   Additional Comments:
4. In the past four years, the Florida Supreme Court has made significant changes to our state's legal structure, including changes to the workers' compensation system, medical liability, expert witness testimony rules and the redrawing of electoral districts. How have recent rulings from the Florida Supreme Court affected your business?
Significant positive impact
Small positive impact
Small negative impact
Significant negative impact
No perceivable impact
   Additional Comments:
5. When it comes to civic and governance systems policy, what else should the Florida Chamber of Commerce know as we advocate for the business community before all levels of government?
Championing Florida's Quality of Life
Advocating for a stronger healthcare system that lowers costs and provides better outcomes, identifying ways to end generational poverty through economic opportunity, and continuing to oppose the expansion of Las Vegas-style casino gambling are just a few ways the Florida Chamber is protecting Florida's competitiveness and quality of life. What makes Florida the best place to live, work and play, and what are the threats the Florida Chamber must guard against when advocating for you and your business?
1. Much of the costs stemming from uncompensated medical care for indigent patients and under-payments from government programs like Medicaid get passed on to you and your employees. What policies do you believe will help control healthcare costs while providing better outcomes in Florida? (Please rank in order of the most important policies to help control costs/provide better outsomes to the least important policies to help control costs/provide better outcomes)
 Promote healthy lifestyles and wellness programs
 Increase access to care through technologies such as telemedicine
 Allow nurses to provide more healthcare services traditionally done only by doctors
 Implement new reimbursement methodologies that pay providers based on outcomes
 Invest in R&D to develop solutions for chronic healthcare diseases
 Expand coverage to the uninsured
 Explore new federal funding mechanisms, such as a block grant, that may allow more private competition and innovation in the State's Medicaid programs
   Please Explain:
2. Do you support or oppose the expansion of casino-style gambling in Florida?
No Response
   Additional Comments:
3. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 23.4% of children under 18 years old in Florida are considered to be living in poverty; 15.8% of all Floridians are considered to be living in proverty. What, if anything, should policymakers and/or the business community do about it?
4. When it comes to quality of life policy, what else should the Florida Chamber of Commerce know as we advocate for the business community before all levels of government?
Constitutional Amendments
There will be several proposed Constitutional Amendments on the November 6, 2018, General Election ballot. Based on the ballot title and summary below, please indicate if you support or oppose the following proposed amendments:
HJR 7105 - Increase Homestead Property Tax Exemption: Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to increase the homestead exemption by exempting the assessed valuation of homestead property greater than $100,000 and up to $125,000 for all levies other than school district levies.
   Additional Comments:
HJR 21 - Limitations on Property Tax Assessments: Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to permanently retain provisions currently in effect, which limit property tax assessment increases on specified nonhomestead real property, except for school district taxes, to 10 percent each year. If approved, the amendment removes the scheduled repeal of such provisions in 2019 and shall take effect January1, 2019.
   Additional Comments:
There are also several proposed Constitutional Amendments which have been approved by the Supreme Court and are now gathering signatures and could also be on the November 6, 2018, General Election ballot. Based on the ballot title and summary below, please indicate if you support or oppose the following proposed amendments:
Voter Restoration: Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution restoring the voting rights of Floridians with felony convictions after they complete all terms of their sentence, including parole or probation. The amendment would not apply to those convicted of murder or sexual offenses, who would continue to be permanently barred from voting unless the Governor and Cabinet vote to restore their voting rights on a case by case basis.
   Additional Comments:
Voter Control of Gambling in Florida: Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution ensuring that Florida voters shall have the exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling by requiring that in order for casino gambling to be authorized under Florida law, it must be be approved by Florida voters pursuant to Article XI, Section 3 of the Florida Constitution. Affects articles X and XI. Defines casino gambling and clarifies that this amendment does not conflict with the federal law regarding state/tribal compacts.
   Additional Comments:
In addition, unions and out-of-state billionaires are suggesting they will pay to put an amendment mandating $15 per hour minimum wage on the ballot in 2018 or 2020. Florida's current minimum wage is $8.10 per hour. Do you support or oppose a constitutionally-mandated minimum wage increase to $15 per hour?
   Additional Comments:
Thank you for participating in this survey. Your answers will help inform the Florida Chamber's annual competitiveness agenda. Please share anything else you think the Florida Chamber should know about making Florida more competitive.
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