While Florida’s economy has much to celebrate, economic uncertainty is growing in Washington, D.C. and around the globe. Unfortunately, Florida is known as a “Judicial Hellhole”. Lawsuit abuse is an increasingly serious and expensive problem that’s getting worse. Florida’s bottom-five legal environment is an open invitation for “gotcha” lawsuits that cost Florida families and businesses about $4,442 each year in lawsuit abuse costs. Billboard trial lawyers advertising to “sue someone today” is big business in Florida. Until the Florida Legislature stands up to the well-funded trial lawyers, and until Florida’s s civil justice system improves, and Florida’s competitiveness will suffer. The Florida Chamber of Commerce has long fought for common sense reforms to fix Florida’s broken legal system. A unified voice from Florida’s business community is key to the fight. We need your input to ensure the right steps are taken to improve Florida’s legal climate. Your answers will be kept confidential and will be combined with others in Florida to help us continue our regional, state and federal competitiveness agenda. Thank you for helping the Florida Chamber secure Florida’s future.
1. Do you believe Florida is headed in the right direction or the wrong direction? 
Right Direction
Wrong Direction
2. Do you believe Florida’s legal climate is getting: 
Better (Fewer frivolous lawsuits/lower related costs)
Worse (More frivolous lawsuits/higher related costs)
About the same (No change)
3. How concerned are you that you or your business could be hit with a meritless and/or frivolous lawsuit? 
Very Concerned
Not Concerned
4. Florida is ranked in the bottom five (46 out of 50) in the U.S. in regards to legal climate by the Industry for Legal Reform. Do you believe this is a threat to Florida’s job creation efforts and something the legislature should fix this Legislative Session? 
5. Homeowner’s insurance rates for you and your employees are going up an average of 10% in order to cover a fairly new legal scam in Florida called Assignment of Benefits (AOB) fraud. This scam is also increasing your auto insurance rates. This is the same scam the Wall Street Journal wrote about seven times last year. Is this something you and your employees are: 
Aware of
Not aware
6. In your opinion, personal injury trial lawyers in Florida are more concerned about: 
Protecting their clients
Making money
7. Do you personally know your State Senator and/or State Representative? 
If Yes, please explain the relationship(s): 
If No, would you be interested in getting to know your Senator or Representative, perhaps through a tour of your location and a meeting with your employees? 
8. Do you believe your legislators support policies that address the key challenges your business and industry are facing? 
9. Are there any additional comments or concerns you would like the Florida Chamber to know about that will help your industry and/or Florida grow?
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