To protect against the Detroit-style collapse at the local government level, do you support local governments phasing in 401(k) style benefits for all new employees?
Is your business currently a “union shop"?
Have you shared your opinion on pension liability risks with your state legislators?
If so, what did you say?
Do you support shifting new state government employees from the current defined benefit pension program found within the Florida Retirement System (FRS) to the defined contribution program similar to a 401(k) plan?
Should taxpayers foot the bill for automatic payroll deduction of union dues and to fund union-supported political campaigns?
This year, the Florida Legislature had to take $500 million from general revenue to pay toward the $19 billion long-term unfunded liability debt of the public employee pension program. If this money could have been saved and used for other purposes, which would you support? (select all that apply)
Higher pay for teachers
Lowering Taxes
Infrastructure Needs
Economic development programs
Other (please describe):
What steps should the Florida Legislature take to reduce government spending and maximize use of public tax dollars? (select all that apply)
Align public sector pension and benefits with the private sector
Combine/Eliminate/Privatize state agencies
Further reduce state workforce
Investigate ways to reduce fraud and waste
Privatize state facilities
Other ideas:
Which of the following is most important to reduce the influence of unions? (select all that apply)
Ensure secret ballots in union elections
Require unions to obtain the consent of members to spend union dues on political campaigns/"paycheck protection"
Limit collective bargaining to hours and wages
Reign in the pro-labor activism at the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board)
Other reform measure ideas:
Please tell us any other thoughts that you have on Florida’s exposure to Pension Risk:
I would be willing to do the following: (select all that apply)
Sign Letter to the Editor
Speak on behalf of the issue
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