For most businesses that offer health insurance coverage to employees this time of year means open enrollment where employees have the opportunity to shop, compare plans and enroll themselves and their families in a plan that fits their health care needs. It’s also the first year that the so-called "employee mandate" will kick in under President Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act. The Florida Chamber of Commerce believes that Florida has an opportunity to lead the nation and provide a better solution for smarter coverage. We need your help in responding to following questions so that we have an accurate picture and the latest feedback to incorporate into our statewide policy. Over the next coming months we will be polling local chambers and their members on important health care issues on a bi-weekly basis.
1. Do you employ more than 50 full-time employees?
2. Do you offer health insurance to your employees?
3. Have your insurance coverage premium costs increased from last year?
4. How large of an increase have you experienced?
5. Based on your current insurance rates will you stop offering insurance?
6. Do you believe there are opportunities to hold rates steady, or reduce health care costs for your business? If so, what recommendations would offer?
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