Regulatory Reform Survey
The Florida Chamber of Commerce believes rules and regulations are necessary. However, we believe they should be streamlined and not get in the way of building a business friendly climate. Yet Florida still has tens of thousands of regulations that negatively impact businesses. As a job creator, we seek your opinion on Florida’s regulatory environment. Please take a moment to share your thoughts on regulatory reform by completing our short survey.
1. At which level of government authority is your business most affected by regulations? Please rank with "1" being the most and "4" being the least.
City   County   State   Federal  
2. In your opinion, regulatory reform is: 
Not Necessary
3. Has your business experienced a situation when local, county, state and/or federal regulations conflicted with each other? Please share.  
4. Regarding managing regulations imposed upon businesses, do you know of a city or region that is definitely getting it right, or on the contrary, that has definitely got it wrong? 
5. Please share an example of the most annoying and/or unnecessary regulation that your business is forced to deal with. 
6. Do you feel like Florida regulators have good understanding of Florida's business climate and the needs of your business? 
Yes. They know exactly what it takes to run our business and have a firm understanding of our needs
No. They do not seem to have a grasp on our business or what it needs to thrive
Not really. We are often reaching out to educate and provide clarification on our business
7. Please share your contact information so we can keep you engaged in the Florida Chamber's regulatory reform efforts. 
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